Recovery puts back what perfomance takes out

Recovery puts back what perfomance takes out

You may not be aware of the very exciting research emerging on the specific benefits of milk in sport and its role in recovery after exercise 

The fact:

Effective recovery after sport or intense exercise is a key consideration of sports nutrition because recovering well will help you perform your best at your next training session, competition or match.


Milk naturally contains nutrients that can address the main priorities of recovery post-sport or exercise:

  1. REFUEL: Milk contains a natural carbohydrate (lactose) which assists in refuelling energy stores.
  2. REPAIR: Milk is rich in protein and is considered a high quality protein source - providing all of the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) our body needs. Milk protein consists of 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. Whey is particularly high in the amino acid leucine which is recognised for its role in rebuilding muscle protein.
  3. REHYDRATE: Milk contains natural electrolytes (e.g. potassium) and is a fluid (approx. 87% water) to assist effective rehydration.