Nicholas Cooney

Nicholas farms with his wife and three children in Monasterboice in Co Louth. He farms 500 acres and has 480 cows. Nicholas is passionate about Irish dairy and keen to get across the farmers’/industry’s point of view.
He often hosts visiting tourists on his farm – they find their way in and he’s happy show them around! Nicholas is a board member of one of the leading companies involved in efficiency- enhancing and impact-reducing breeding programmes and feels that people should be proud of Irish dairy – whether they drink milk or not!

More Farmer Ambassadors

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“We look after the cows better than we look after ourselves” – Tom tells us about the care that Irish farmers take with their cows, he talks about Irish dairy being the best in the world and he says that culling the national herd would be a disaster. He also lets us know that, rather than being a farmer, his daughter would like to be a unicorn or a fairy.
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Miriam, farmer and mum of four, believes that Women in Dairy is about recognition – her grandmother worked on the farm but would never have considered herself a farmer. “It’s about women standing up and saying, hold on, we’re doing this too, and being acknowledged for it.” She’s also keen to see country kids being encouraged to participate in dairying and to be proud to be part of it.