Shane Fitzgerald

Shane farms with his dad in the shadows of the Comeragh mountains. Shane is dedicated to the environmental and economic well-being of his farm and is one of a number of pioneering Tirlán milk suppliers that are part of the Open Source Future Farm programme ran by Tirlán in partnership with Teagasc.
Shane is seen as exemplar when it comes to best sustainable farming practice, and – as a young farmer himself – has strong views on how young people could, and should, be encouraged into dairying as a career.

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Angela talks about the importance of breeding, producing a cow that lives longer, produces greater quantities of better-quality milk and has beef characteristics – a valuable animal that enables Irish farmers to do more with the same, reducing the carbon hoofprint of each litre of milk delivered.
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As Nicole herself says, she’s a bit of a part-time farmer on her grandparents’ farm in Co Cork – but that’s because she’s working on her PhD during the week at college in Waterford. Nicole’s area of study is reducing antibiotic usage in the dairy herd by investigating alternatives, which will have the benefit of preserving high-strength antibiotics for human use, rather than veterinary use. Another angle on dairy sustainability.