Fuelling Right for Success - World Milk Day 2017
Top Irish athletes raise a glass for World Milk Day 2017

Fuelling Right for Success - World Milk Day 2017

1st June 2017:Eating well is essential and adapting your nutritional intake to your sport is a necessity. In-season or out of season, as well as pre-, during and post-performance, all influence our nutritional considerations.Irish and international rugby player Rob Kearney said today at a special press briefing hosted by the National Dairy Council (NDC) and the Sport Ireland Institute.

Other Athletes speaking at the event included rugby player Dave Kearney, Boxers Darren O’Neill and Kellie Harrington, Diver Ollie Dingley, Paralympic Swimmer Ellen Keane and runner Ciara Mageean.

The NDC has just produced a sports nutrition handbook ‘Fuelling Wise for Sport and Exercise’, which is endorsed by the Sport Ireland Institute, and covers a wide range of topics including body composition; carbohydrate; protein; fat; recovery nutrition; hydration and the role of milk as part of an active lifestyle. This booklet launch comes as we prepare to celebrate World Milk Day on 1st June. Now in its 16th year, World Milk Day is a day established by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations to recognise the importance of milk as a global food. One of themes for this year is to celebrate milk for its health and nutritional benefits.

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