A Brief History of the NDC to date

Formerly known as the National Dairy Publicity Council, the National Dairy Council (NDC) was established by the Minister of Agriculture in 1964, as a semi-state body. The aims of the Council were defined as maintaining and supporting the growth in the consumption of milk and dairy products.

The Council changed from a semi-state body to an industry-financed organisation in 1973 subsequent to Ireland joining the EEC. In 1978, the European Commission commenced a financial support programme to assist the undertaking of national promotional campaigns in an effort to increase dairy consumption and thereby reduce the problem of disposing of surplus milk production within the EEC.

With the assistance of EU funding, the popularity of milk, butter and cheese has been maintained and developed in Ireland by a range of successful marketing and promotional programmes over the years. The NDC has been behind many well-known campaigns from "Butter is the Cream" to "Dem Bones, Dem Bones Need Calcium" and has played a significant role in communicating the benefits of dairy produce to the Irish consumer.

The accompanying music to this campaign, "Pride of the Herd" by Shaun Davey, the well-known composer, subsequently entered the Irish record charts to great acclaim. Today it remains a distinguished anthem associated with the origins and traditions of an industry emerging from the world’s greenest dairy land.

The NDC’s role in the generic promotion of milk and dairy products has over time presided through the many changes that have taken place in the industry in terms of its structure, amalgamation and rationalisation.

Originally funded through both Exchequer and EU funding, the National Dairy Council quickly grew and found its place at the forefront of activities representing the industry in many different affairs. It quickly gained prominence as the spokesperson on dairy matters, while undertaking various high profile promotions, event sponsorship and media campaigns.