Role of NDC & Our Future Vision

Role of NDC & Our Future Vision

Our Vision

A future in which Irish Dairy is recognised and trusted as a vital part of people’s diet and general health across the life stages, indispensable to Ireland’s social and economic wellbeing

Our Mission

To champion the role of quality pasture-based dairy and its nutrition benefits in supporting healthier, more active living.

Drivers of our Strategy

Global aging population: Globally, the number of older people will almost double to 2 billion by 2050. Within 10 years, Ireland’s over 65’s will increase to almost 900,000. 

Why this matters: As awareness is low of the potential for diet to support healthy ageing, the National Dairy Council (NDC) will work closely with expert bodies, policy makers and nutrition scientists to turn our expertise into actions that will support healthier, more independent lives.

New discoveries to improve performance in sports

It is the natural nutritional components of milk that has led to the growing body of research exploring the potential role of milk and milk-based products in sports nutrition – from the elite athlete to the recreational exerciser.

Why this matters: Sports coaches working with the active population encourage healthier food choices including dairy as part of performance management. The emerging research presents a powerful opportunity for broadening dairy consumption occasions.

Growth and innovation in the Irish dairy sector

With the emerging scientific evidence reinforcing the benefit of dairy across life’s age and stage, innovation in the areas of infant formula, performance nutrition and healthy ageing will drive sector value at an accelerated rate.

Why this matters: A doubling of value-added product would see the composite value of dairy increase from 62.5cent to 75.7cent resulting in an additional contribution of €1billion output which will assist in the Irish market’s ability to counteract price volatility.

Grass-based dairy production

Irish dairy produce is based on farming with cows grazing outdoors on grass for much of the year and based on high standards of milk quality and food safety. These are standards which Irish consumers can enjoy every day and practices which result in healthier, happier cows – but combined with a way of dairy farming which is sustainable and means we can pass on something better to those who follow us.

Why this matters: The Sustainable Dairy Quality Assurance Scheme is the first national dairy scheme of its kind anywhere in the world. It sets out requirements for best practice on Irish dairy farms in animal health and welfare, land management, biosecurity, safe farming practices and the production of quality milk. Promoting Ireland as the best dairy producing nation in the world will enable greater export potential.

Our Four Areas of Priority

1. REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Safeguard the heritage and reputation of Irish Dairy among consumers


  • The NDC will work with our strategic partners to promote & protect the drivers of the Dairy industry’s Reputation; Quality, Grass-based & Sustainable system.
  • We will proactively promote Ireland as a top quality Dairy producing nation
  • The NDC will continue to reassure consumers about the goodness of Dairy, leveraging our expertise to dispel the myths & misconceptions which form barriers to consumption
  • We will work with our strategic partners to develop a roadmap for defending Dairy in the event of a consumer issue and ensure aligned & appropriate protocols are in place

2. HEALTHY LIVING: Build compelling nutrition platforms for Dairy to support healthy living across the life stages



  • The NDC will work with consumers to identify opportunities for creating nutrition based platforms for dairy category development.


  • We will support our members in the development of their “value-add” agenda


  • We will develop and deliver effective education programmes for the public on the impact of Dairy nutrition on health outcomes, and its role in ensuring good nutritional care.

3. DAIRY CATEGORY MARKETING: Promote Dairy consumption among Irish consumers through engaging, insight-led marketing strategies


  • The NDC will establish a new communication platform underpinned by nutrition insights that cuts through & engages consumers
  • We will grow consumption of Irish Dairy products by focusing on the Benefits of dairy by age, stage & activity.
  • We will diversify our approach by building strategic partnerships for joint / visible campaigns across key consumption occasions
  • The NDC will continue to promote the social & economic benefit of supporting the dairy sector & its key points of differentiation

4. APPLIED RESEARCH: Leverage science and research in the key areas to drive Dairy category growth & development

Our Strategies

The key areas of this strategy are Sports, Healthy Ageing and Dairy’s Package of Nutrients


  • The NDC will highlight (and where appropriate commission) research conducted in the area of Sports Nutrition which supports the benefits of dairy in rehydration & recovery.

Healthy Ageing:

  • We will advance the dairy opportunity associated wth the ageing demographic (i.e. Consumption of Protein throughout the day as part of muscle maintenance).

Package of Nutrients:

  • We will work with our international network to build the evidence of dairy consumption benefits with an aim to impact policy at National and EU level.