National Dairy Council wins top award at the World Dairy Summit in Rotterdam

National Dairy Council wins top award at the World Dairy Summit in Rotterdam

27th October 2016: Ireland was a big winner at this year’s World Dairy Summit, scooping the Yves Boutonnat IMP (International Milk Promotion) Trophy award for HealthFest 2016. The objective of Healthfest was to promote dairy for teenagers and healthy living

The IMP Trophy competition was introduced in 1989 as a means of showcasing, to dairy farming and industry delegates attending the annual IDF World Dairy Summit, the best generic advertising campaigns created recently amongst the group. In honour of one of their founding member, Yves Boutonnat, it is now called the Yves Boutonnat International Milk Promotion Trophy.

The National Dairy Council analysed Ireland’s current obesity crisis and the myths and misunderstandings around dairy and other food categories and created an event called Healthfest. The NDC teamed up with some of Ireland’s top experts in their respective fields, to provide teenagers with a scope of information on ‘Healthy Living’ through engaging and diverse talks. A combination of speakers that are existing TV Personalities as well as speakers with scientific backgrounds ensured that teenagers were engaged from the outset but that the content was robust.

“We were really honoured to receive this prestigious award” said Zoe Kavanagh, CEO of the NDC “We see Healthfest as a critical day for all Irish Students. We want them to stop and think about what they are eating and if they are exercising, because we do have a rising obesity issue in Ireland.  So, if we can land some key messages with events like this we are on the road to doing a really important job.”  

The NDC also are working towards the support and advocacy of the Government & Active Health Minister moving forward. This will benefit Healthfest but also affirm the NDC as an organisation that wants to work with the Government on the wider Health Agenda of Ireland.  

The other finalists for the award included:

“Let us not forget the milk producers – a campaign to support French dairy farmers” by CNIEL in France and “Moving kids back to the farm” by Dairy Council of California.

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