New Day, New muscles

New Day, New muscles

Along with a balanced diet and sufficient energy intakes, protein is a nutrient we are familiar with as playing a vital role in muscle health. Timing and quality are important when it comes to our consumption of protein and the optimal approach is that we spread our intake across the day rather than concentrating a larger amount at one meal. This enables the body to be efficient in supplying the constant amounts needed by active muscles throughout the day.

Our body contains over 600 muscles, playing vital roles for our movement and support. As well as needing our muscles for everyday tasks such as walking, taking the stairs and carrying groceries, those involved in sport or activity rely on strong, healthy muscles to withstand their training and performance demands.

The fact:

Each day about 1-2% of our muscle mass is broken down and rebuilt.


Exercise, combined with a balanced diet that provides good quality protein are essential for muscle growth and maintenance and they are therefore vital factors that most people can incorporate to help prevent the onset of sarcopenia.

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