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From the Ground Up

Ireland. The land.  The soil.  The earth.

The ground.  The stuff beneath our feet.

The thing that ensures the lush grass that springs from it is like nowhere else on earth.

Ensures our dairy, your dairy, is like no other on earth.

You know it.  We know it too.

We don’t speak for you, we speak with you.  With one voice.

The National Dairy Council.  From the Ground Up.

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Our latest campaign in the series showcases the hard work and commitment of two of our Sports Ambassadors Paul O’Donovan and Vikki Wall along with our farmer Ambassador, Tom Power.

There are lots of parallels that can be drawn between athletes and farmers. It starts with the right ingredients – quality resources. For athletes, that can be physique or even pure skill. For farmers it’s the animals and the land.

But to get winning results, you have to put in the groundwork each and every day. Start with the fundamentals. Stick to a strict schedule. And master the basics. Only then can you go on to achieve success at the highest level.
In that way, producing world class dairy mirrors the processes of elite athletes. 

It begins From the Ground Up.

Athletes in Tractors Getting Milk

While shooting this latest campaign, we decided to have some fun with our sport ambassadors.  We invited Irish dairy farmer and Agri TikToker, John Halton to interview our athletes on a Tractor while on their way to get some milk – we bring you…..Athletes in Tractors Getting Milk!

These videos give people the opportunity to get some insight into the lives of some of our top athletes and also the life of a dairy farmer as they trade stories in a light-hearted, informal way.

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If you enjoyed the taster videos, you can watch the full journey on the tractor with either Paul or Vikki here.  Paul O’Donovan is an Irish lightweight rower and Olympic gold medallist and Vikki Wall is two-time all Ireland champion with Meath (2021 & 2022) and it has been our pleasure to work with them and understand more about their fitness and nutrition journeys.

Commitment. From the Ground Up.

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We hope you enjoy the latest campaign.  

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