Lunchbox Tips

Making wholesome, healthy lunchbox prep look easy!

  • Be prepared and organised – Pack lunchboxes the evening before, rather than during the hectic school morning rush.
  • Shake things up – Variety is key: not only does variation in the diet provide nutritional benefits, but it reduces boredom and lack of interest in food.
  • Get the kids involved – Learning about food and nutrition are important life skills & should be encouraged from an early age.
  • Consider presentation – It is worth spending that extra few minutes on presentation, especially for younger children. Aim for a variety of shapes, colours and textures.
  • Try new foods – Children’s food preferences evolve as they mature, so continuously encouraging them to try new and different foods is a crucial step in their development of good eating habits.
  • Don’t forget about hydration – research suggests dehydration can lead to reduced concentration and performance in children. Water and milk are two excellent tooth-friendly choices; try to avoid sugary drinks.

Lunchbox Ideas

Sandwich Fillers

Spinach leaves, crunchy peppers & Cheddar cheese
Tuna & sweetcorn mix (natural yogurt/low-fat mayo) Chicken, mixed salad & tomato relish Turkey, grated Cheddar cheese & tomato

Sandwich Alternatives

Pesto pasta salad with chicken & peppers Couscous with roasted vegetables & chickpeas Rice salad with sliced hardboiled egg & spring onion Homemade soup & brown bread


Carrot and red pepper sticks with hummus Cubed Cheddar cheese with grapes Fruit salad with yogurt and seeds Fresh fruit smoothie made with milk or yogurt

Sample Lunchbox Weekly Planner

Below are some lunchtime and after-school snack ideas. Remember to adapt portion sizes to suit your child’s age and lifestyle; younger children will generally need smaller portions than older or more active children.


Little Break: Chopped raspberries and blueberries with natural yogurt
Big Break: Wholemeal sandwich with tuna & sweetcorn mix
After School Snack: Cheesy scrambled eggs with chopped onion/tomatoes 


Little Break: Small wholemeal scone and small banana
Big Break: Couscous with roasted vegetables, chickpeas and feta cheese
After School Snack: Oatcakes with sliced apple and peanut butter 


Little Break: Cubed cheddar cheese with grapes
Big Break: Wholemeal pitta pocket with hummus, turkey, cucumber and red peppers
After School Snack: Homemade rice pudding with stewed apple 


Little Break: Carrot and red pepper sticks with hummus
Big Break: Wholemeal pasta with homemade vegetable sauce topped with grated cheddar
After School Snack: Fresh fruit smoothie made with milk and/or yogurt 


Little Break: Banana and blueberry oat muffins
Big Break: Wrap with mayo, chicken, chopped tomato and salad leaves
After School Snack: Homemade pancakes topped with natural yogurt and berries 

Don’t forget to check out our Recipe page for further inspiration. You’ll find a whole host of delights, including Lilly’s lunchbox muffins