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Dairy Sustainability Ireland

The introduction of the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme, the first national dairy scheme of its kind anywhere in the world is a clear indication of dairy farmers’ commitment to farm sustainability.

It sets out requirements for best practice on Irish dairy farms in animal health and welfare, land management, biosecurity, safe farming practices and the production of quality milk. Close to 100% of farmers are now certified in the Scheme which is an indication of their commitment to operating and maintaining the highest possible sustainability measures.

What are Irish consumers’ greatest concerns in relation to sustainability and the dairy sector?


  • 77% of Irish people believe that in order to save the planet, they must change their ways of producing and consuming foods
  • 40% consumers feel well-informed about sustainability

A survey on Irish consumer attitudes towards sustainability and the dairy sector was undertaken in Spring 2018. The European Milk Forum conducted the survey in six markets – Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands as part of a European campaign that aims to disseminate facts and solutions on how to safeguard our planet, reduce climate change and promote sustainability in dairy systems. The purpose of the survey, commissioned by the European Milk Forum, was to establish the responsibilities Irish consumers feel themselves towards the environment, and the role they see the Irish dairy sector has in making a change.

The survey was based on a representative sample of 2,000 respondents in Ireland, undertaken during July – August 2018.