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The Nutrition section of the National Dairy Council has played a long-standing role in supporting the continuous professional development of health professionals. It organises educational events to enhance knowledge in the area of dairy nutrition. These events highlight the importance of consuming dairy as part of a healthy diet throughout the life stages. Below we provide a list of our past events and provide links to presentation recordings and additional materials where available.

2024 Events

Past Events

The Diets of Children and Teens Living in Ireland – How do they stack up against recommendations?

NDC sponsored on behalf of the IGPNEA in conjunction with MedCafe

8th November 2022


The diets of children and teens living in Ireland

Dr. Breige McNulty Associate Professor School of Agriculture and Food Scienc, University College Dublin

Click here to watch the event recording


A focus on food: effective nutritional approaches to improve musculoskeletal health in older people

European Milk Forum (EMF) members, including the National Dairy Council Ireland, hosted a symposium at the European Geriatric Medicine Society Congress (EuGMS).

30th September 2022 in London

Dr Sandra Iuliano, University of Melbourne
Fractures and falls – prevention through food. Results of a dairy intervention trial for older people in residential care

Dr Berber Dorhout, Wageningen University
Muscle health and sarcopenia in the ageing population – the benefits and practical challenges of an intervention combining dietary protein and exercise

The symposium was chaired by Prof David J Armstrong, Consultant Rheumatologist and Osteoporosis Lead WHSCT Northern Ireland and Visiting Chair, Ulster University. An interview with Dr Sandra Luliano is available to listen to here and presentations are available to download by clicking on the links above.

Click here to download the Symposium brochure

Click here to watch the event recording

Disorder Eating – Practical Advice for Exercise Professionals

Organised by the NDC with REPS Ireland

23rd September 2022


Disorder Eating – Practical Advice for Exercise Professionals

Maeve Hanan, RD

Click here to watch the event recording

Coeliac Disease in General Practice

NDC sponsored on behalf of the IGPNEA in conjunction with MedCafe

12th July 2022


An Overview of Coeliac Disease in General Practice

Sarah Keogh, RD

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Gut Health Expert Update From FODMAPS to Fermented Foods

INDI Live Lunchtime webinar series

30th June 2022


An update on FODMAPs and practical application through case studies

Lorraine Maher, RD

Senior Dietitian, Gut Health Clinic, Blackrock

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Professor Paul Cotter

Head of Department Food Biosciences & Senior Principal Research Officer, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark, Cork

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A Positive Relationship with Food 

Organised by the NDC with REPS Ireland 

16th June 2022


A positive relationship with food 

Joe O’Brien

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Nutrition, Sleep and Recovery

Organised by the NDC with REPS Ireland 

23rd March 2022


Sleep, Nutrition and Recovery

Ronan Doherty, PhD in Sleep, Nutrition and Athlete Recovery

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Emerging Treatment Approaches for Food Allergy

INDI Live Lunchtime Webinar Series

26th January 2022


Latest advances in managing food allergy in paediatrics

Deborah Griffin RD, Senior Paediatric Dietitian, Cork University Hospital 

Interactive learning session

Dr Juan Trujillo, Consultant in Paediatric Food Allergy, Cork University Hospital

Click here to watch the event recording

HPX Nutrition 2021 – Breaking Down and Building Back Up: Bone Health, Injury and Recovery in Athletes

20th October 2021

Virtual Conference, live from Sport Ireland Institute, Dublin 15


Session 1– Recovery Focus  

Optimising recovery amongst athletes – where do we get bang for our buck?

Prof Shona Halson

Beating Jet Lag on the Road to Tokyo

Toni Rossiter 

Sleep, nutrition, and athlete recovery

Ronan Doherty

Panel discussion – Reflections on Tokyo athletes’ experiences 

Session 2 – Bone Health & Injury Nutrition 

Protecting athlete bone health – nutrition and training strategies to prevent bone stress injuries

Dr Eimear Dolan

Loading and nutrition to support muscle and tendon recovery following injury

Prof Keith Baar

Practical considerations for athletes, coaches and sports nutritionists to help with adequate fuelling

Dr Danielle Logue

Nutrition & You – Talking to the Experts

Virtual Event, broadcast from INDI HQ at Airfield Estate, Dublin

17th June 2021


Welcome by Broadcaster and event MC, Anton Savage

Weaning, feeding toddlers and fussy eaters

Cathy Monaghan, Registered Dietitian

Optimising nutrition to age well, for ourselves and those we care for

Ciara Pender, Registered Dietitian

Nutrition for sports and exercise enthusiasts

Dr Sharon Madigan, Registered Dietitian

Gut Health – IBS and beyond

Lorraine Maher, Registered Dietitian

Managing your relationship with food and body weight

Aveen Bannon, Registered Dietitian

Food Allergies and Alternative Diets

Sarah Keogh, Registered Dietitian

European Society of  Preventative Cardiology Conference 2021 – EMF Symposium on: Dairy and cardiovascular disease risk reduction – new insights based on the food matrix concept

15th April 2021

16:30 Welcome, overview and Food Matrix video
16:33 Dairy and CVD risk reduction, new insights based on the food matrix concept
16:53 Live Q&A Professor Michelle McKinley

Click here to view a recording of the symposium 

Abstract and Biographies

Research Summary document on Dairy and CVD risk 

HPX Nutrition 2020 –  ‘Behaviour Change – The Real Game Changer?’
 Virtual Symposium in October, live from Sport Ireland Institute, Dublin 15

 Day  1: Thursday 15th October 

  • Dr Tim Anstiss – Using motivational interviewing to help athletes become more ready to change – focus on spirit, relationship, principles and processes. 
  • Dr Kirstie McAdoo – ‘SusTRAINability’ – a focus on how a diet filled with sustainable, indigenous food can help the athlete, local producers and the environment all at the same time.
  • Dan Martin – ‘Using Behaviour Change Science to Develop Systemic Nutrition Behaviour Change Strategies in Professional Sports’
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A

 Day  2: Thursday 22nd October

  • Dr Tim Anstiss – Using motivational interviewing to help athletes become more ready to change -focus on strategies, tools and behaviour change techniques.
  • Prof Sue Backhouse – ‘Protecting the integrity of sport and the welfare of athletes: A behavioural science approach’
  • Dr Deirdre Robertson – ‘Physical activity interventions for the general population: theory and testing’ – Behaviour Change research from ESRI
  • Dr Katie Lydon – Periods are pivotal. Period
  • Close of session and Key Take Away Messages

Click here to view the conference recordings


INDI Symposium 2020 – Evolving with the Changing Climate of Nutrition

 17th September 2020
 Virtual Symposium, live from INDI HQ at Airfield Estate, Dublin


Welcome: Louise Reynolds (INDI) and Marianne Walsh (NDC)

Evolving foodscapes and thoughtscapes: food for the body and the mind

Prof Frédéric Leyroy

Professor of Food Science and Biotechnology, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium

How sustainable is the Irish diet?

Dr Sinead McCarthy

Researcher in Consumer Behaviour, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown

Click here to view a recording of the symposium 

FENS European Nutrition Conference 2019 – Beyond Nutrients: Health Effects of the Dairy Matrix

 16th October 2019
 Convention Centre, Dublin 2

Prof Clare Corish, University College Dublin

Effects of the Dairy Matrix on Cardiometabolic Health
Prof Arne Astrup, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen

Effects of the Dairy Matrix on Musculoskeletal Health
Prof René Rizzoli, University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland and Chair, ESCEO Scientific Advisory Board

Abstract Summaries


INDI Symposium 2019 – Dietary supplements

 5th September 2019
 Royal Irish Academy, Dublin 2

Prof Mike Gibney, Emeritus Professor of Food and Heath, University College Dublin

Whole foods versus supplements
Dr Michelle McKinley, Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University Belfast

Sports nutrition – can supplements really give an edge?
Dr Sharon Madigan, Sport Ireland Institute

Dietary Supplements – are they safe and how are they regulated?
Dr Clare O’Donovan, Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Agenda – Supplements

Dietary supplements – where do they fit in human health and performance


Myth Busting in Sports Science and Nutrition

 24 Oct
 National Sports Campus Conference Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Why is evidence based science important to support athletes?
Dr Sharon Madigan – Head of Nutrition, Sport Ireland Institute

Nutrition, health & fitness: a skeptical perspective
Prof. Mike Gibney, Emeritus Professor of Food and Heath, University College Dublin

Does my bum look big in this? Body composition, what does it mean and what does it mean for your athletes
Dr. Julia Bone – Sports Institute Northern Ireland

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of the Crowds – A Sports Science perspective!
Dr. Giles Warrington – University of Limerick

Elite athletes do not eat carbohydrates….
Prof James Morton – Liverpool John Moores University

Holy Cow! Is the best recovery drink already in your fridge?
Dr. Paula Rankin – Head of Department Carlow Institute of Technology.


Beyond nutrients: Health Effects of the Dairy Matrix

 3rd September 2018
 IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, Spain

Further Information:
Prof Luc van Loon (Muscle mass maintenance: protein and physical activity)
Prof Arne Astrup (Dairy Matrix effects on T2 diabetes and cardiometabolic health?)

The Dairy Matrix – a new approach to understanding the health effects of food

 1st November 2017
 Westbury Hotel, Dublin

Further Information:
Prof. Arne Astrup – “Metabolic Health: The Impact of Dairy Matrix
Dr. Emma Feeney – “Muscle, Bones & Body Fat: The Dairy Matrix and Body Composition
Prof. Ian Givens – “Food Matrix Effects: Is it Time to Re-think how we Evaluate the Health Effects of Food?”


A Multidisciplinary Approach in Advancing Orthopaedic Outcomes

 12 October 2017
 Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital, Dublin

Further Information:
Rosemary Masterson – “Enhanced Recover after Surgery for Elective Orthopaedics
Gillian McConnell – “Dietetic Interventions in the Orthopaedic Patient” – Please contact for more info
Dr. Tom Withers – “Novel Approaches to Improving Outcomes following Elective Orthopaedic Surgery

INDI Sponsored Symposium: ‘Latest Insights in Diet and Cancer’

 10th November 2016
 Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin

Further Information:
Read more about the INDI Sponsored Symposium


NDC – Cycling Ireland Sports Nutrition Seminar for Coaches

 19th May 2016
 National Sports Campus Conference Centre, Dublin

Further Information:
‘What Cyclists need to know about nutrition’ – Orla Walsh, Sports dietitian
Q&A session – Caroline Ryan, Track Cyclist


INDI-sponsored Symposium: ‘FREE FROM’ – Food Trends and True Allergies

 10th March 2016
 Conrad Hotel, Dublin

Further Information:
‘The landscape of food allergies and intolerances in Ireland‘ – Dr. Aideen Byrne, Consultant in Paediatric Allergy, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and The National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin

‘Accurate diagnostics in allergy and intolerance’ – Dr. Niall Conlon, Consultant Immunologist.

‘Perspectives from a dietitian: case studies of true versus perceived food hypersensitivity’ – Ruth Charles, Registered Dietitian.


Sports Nutrition Sponsored Seminar for GAA Coaches

 23rd January 2016
 Croke Park, Dublin

Further Information:
“How do we avoid the mixed messages and myths” – Dr Sharon Madigan, Head of Nutrition, Institute of Sport

Q&A session – Bryan Cullen, ‎High Performance Manager, Dublin GAA.

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