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How We Work

The NDC has clearly demonstrated its ability to engage meaningfully with consumers, health-care professionals, media, school-going children and dairy farmers. To that end, we are clear on our role and function, outlined below:

  • We are Irish Dairy’s ONLY CONSUMER FACING organization reassuring the public that dairy is responsibly produced while delivering on public health. 
  • We PROMOTE the excellence of DAIRY PRODUCERS and increase recognition of the high-quality standards observed by our members reinforcing their role as a trustworthy source of milk production.
  • We PROTECT & ENHANCE the reputation of Ireland’s Dairy Industry as one which is of vital economic important in rural Ireland while producing dairy at half the average level of global carbon emissions due to our grass-based systems.
  • We WORK WITH policy makers, health professionals & consumers to educate & inform them on dairy nutrition and its benefit in a manner they can understand and apply. 
  • We SUPPORT and USE RESEARCH to answer important questions about Dairy products & their role as part of a balanced diet. 
  • We EMPOWER our members to achieve their full potential within their businesses by sharing insightful consumer & scientific research
  • We PROVIDE nutrition education, training and resources directly to the public and other health professionals. These areas of activities will be expanded in the lifetime of this strategy in line with our ambition to support life-stage nutrition. 
  • We DELIVER Great Marketing programs to develop consumer recognition of Dairy’s Production, Taste, Versatility, Natural, Quality credentials
  • We are FARMER funded and leverage that income further at EU level