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NDC Guarantee

The NDC Guarantee gives consumers the opportunity to show their support for local jobs on dairy farms and in the dairy sector in an active way, when deciding what milk or cream to buy.

In September 2009, the National Dairy Council introduced a packaging mark giving consumers in the Republic of Ireland the reassurance of knowing that if they buy milk or cream with the NDC Guarantee, it is both farmed and processed locally.


Research Shows

Research* shows that consumers here have become very engaged in the climate debate since the pandemic, with 72% saying they are buying more Irish food and drink brands. This ranges from 72% for under 25yrs olds up to 77% for the 50-64yr olds.
The economic multiplier effect associated with the local Agri-food sector means that consumers who choose milk and cream with the NDC mark are in fact supporting rural economies 365 days of the year. This same research also indicates that 79% of Irish consumer believe Irish grass-fed dairy to be superior to most other countries.

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Buying more Irish food & Drink Beverages
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Irish consumer believe Irish grass-fed dairy to be superior to most other countries.

The NDC Guarantee appears on some 340 milk and cream products in the Republic of Ireland, ranging from brand leaders to ‘private label’ or ‘own label’ products.

This amounts to hundreds of pack types and sizes across products including cream, whole milk, skimmed milk, semi-skimmed milk, buttermilk, lactose free milk, flavoured milk or fortified milk.
However, the NDC Guarantee can only be printed on cartons that are licensed to carry the NDC mark, because they source and process their milk in the Republic of Ireland and they meet all of the necessary NDC licensing criteria and audits. This ensures full transparency for Irish consumers.

NDC “Farmed in the Republic of Ireland” Trademark

“Origin and quality are top of mind for consumers in the context of food safety and in the context of the heightened awareness of the value of supporting our local economy by purchasing high quality, sustainable grass-fed products” says Zoë Kavanagh, Chief Executive of The National Dairy Council.

“There is also a growing appreciation for the superb pasture basis for dairy farming which we enjoy, which is a very natural environment for cows. Local dairy farming represents a style of sustainable dairy farming consumers are also increasingly interested in,”
— says Ms. Kavanagh.

Those dairies or co-ops which already have products licenced to carry the NDC mark are:

  • Arrabawn Co-operative Society Ltd.
  • Aurivo Consumer Foods
  • Bainne Codladh (Lullaby Milk)
  • Centenary Thurles Co-operative Society Ltd.
  • Clóna Dairy Products Society Ltd.
  • Glanbia Consumer Foods (a division of Glanbia plc)
  • Lee Strand Co-operative Creamery Ltd.
  • North Cork Co-operative Creameries Ltd.

*Dairy Sentiment Tracker Research, Behaviour & Attitudes, September 2021.