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Now — More Than Ever

Irish dairy needs a central, consolidated voice, one that champions the industry not just in the wider agricultural sector and amongst legislators, but with the woman and man on the street – the consumer of dairy products – the people who, ultimately, grant us our social licence to produce.

The NDC is that voice.

The National Dairy Council (NDC) champions the role of quality pasture-based dairy and its nutrition benefits in supporting healthier, more active living. A farmer-funded representative body that works to promote and protect Ireland’s dairy reputation at home and abroad and believes in a future in which Irish dairy is recognized and trusted as a vital part of people’s diet and general health across the life stages, indispensable to Ireland’s social and economic wellbeing.


Scroll through to find more information on:
– NDC Statement on the Climate Action Bill
– Letters to Irish Times and Irish Independent
– Opinion piece – Agriland/IFJ

Sustainable Food Production
Not Sacrificed Food Production

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NDC Statement on the
Climate Action Bill

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Irish Times -
Letter to the Editor

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Irish Times -
Letter to the Editor

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