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EU School Milk Scheme

The EU School Milk Scheme is subsidised and provides a daily fresh portion of milk to school-going children at a very affordable price in Primary, Secondary and Montessori schools.

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Why should my child drink School Milk?

School Milk is very valuable for Irish children, counting towards one of their recommended servings from the ‘milk, yogurt and cheese’ group each day.

People aged 9-18 years have an increased requirement for dairy because of the importance of calcium during this life stage to support normal bone development. They should aim to consume five servings per day from the ‘milk, yogurt and cheese’ food group.

 The teenage years are an important time for the development of our skeleton. Looking after our bones during this phase of rapid growth will have a positive impact on our bone health for life. Currently, Irish teenagers are falling short of these recommendations.

*The latest Irish research shows that Irish teenagers have inadequate calcium intakes (51%) and inadequate intakes of riboflavin (20%). Milk is a good source of both these nutrients.

*Irish Universities Nutrition Alliance (IUNA) (2021) National Teens’ Food Survey II: Summary Report

Will the milk be fresh and chilled?

The National Dairy Council also provides exclusive educational resources and rewards to schools that participate in the scheme. 

How does my child’s school become involved?

To avail of the EU School Milk Scheme, a school must be registered. To find out how to register your school for the scheme email

The National Dairy Council will put your school in touch with your local supplier and provide information regarding deliveries and pricing.

What's in

200ml of semi-skimmed milk?

Only pupils registered in participating schools can avail of this fantastic service. If you would like to avail of School Milk please contact the National Dairy Council on 01 290 2451 or email