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Dairy’s in Vogue (she’s been drinking Milk in the Bath)

National Dairy Council welcomes Vogue Williams as a special dairy ambassador for 2022

Vogue Williams, broadcaster, DJ and businesswoman, has been announced as National Dairy Council Dairy Ambassador for 2022. Breaking the news on her Instagram feed, Vogue said she was “super proud…….I feel like this is a pretty perfect partnership because of my love of milk, cheese and of course yoghurts.”

The National Dairy Council has been working since 1964 to promote and protect Ireland’s dairy reputation at home and abroad and believes in a future in which sustainable Irish dairy is recognised and trusted as indispensable to Ireland’s physical, social, and economic wellbeing.

Zoë Kavanagh, CEO of the NDC believes that working with a dairy-loving celebrity like Vogue Williams and – through her – spreading the dairy message, is a massive opportunity.

“Vogue really has the floor right now – she is of the moment, a clear voice in muddled times, a working mum of two (soon to be three!) and someone that is, quite clearly, relevant and relatable to so many.

“It helps, of course, that Vogue is a deeply committed fan of Irish dairy products, both from a personal point of view and on behalf of her family. She’s very well aware of the nutritional value of milk – packed with vitamins and minerals – and she recognises that dairy farming is done better in Ireland than anywhere else in Europe, and that it sustains 18,000 Irish family farms and 60,000 Irish jobs.

“We’re really looking forward to developing our partnership with Vogue as the year goes on.”

Miriam Gunn, NDC Farmer Ambassador and dairy farmer from Co Roscommon, thinks someone like Vogue is the right choice for the NDC and for Irish dairy generally.

“Irish dairy would benefit from a wider general understanding of the value it adds – socially, economically, environmentally and, of course, with regard to the health of the nation.

“Sometimes it seems as if our voices are lost – drowned out by the pressure groups and the industry critics who seemingly won’t be satisfied until our livelihoods are curtailed and our futures taken away.

“The voice of a true dairy fan like Vogue can cut through the noise and tell the real story about dairy products and the dairy industry, drawing attention to the industry’s importance to Ireland Inc, dispelling the myths about dairy, giving people permission to consumer dairy products and – ultimately – providing Irish dairy farmers with a public permission to get on with what we do best.

“And, of course, we all really like Vogue!”

For futher information contact:
Cathy Currran, Communications Manager, National Dairy Council
+353 1 290 2518 |