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Time to Showcase Ireland’s Dairy Farmers – NDC Advertising Campaign back on National TV

Containing 100% real farmers, Irish milk and Irish cheese, ‘From the Ground Up’ showcases:

• The things that make Irish dairy the best in the world [Ref1]
• Ireland’s connection to the land
• Dairy farmers’ actions on sustainability
• Granola in the wild

The National Dairy Council’s media campaign – ‘From the Ground Up’ – is back on TV, encouraging people to take pride in Irish dairy and demonstrating the passion and commitment of the farmers that make it happen.

New 20’ and 30’ spots feature NDC Farmer Ambassadors Eamon Sheehan (Kilkenny), Shane Fitzgerald (Waterford) and Louise Crowley (Limerick) explaining how they take care of the environment, employ sustainable farming practices (and why it’s important) – and how dairy farming is central to Ireland’s national heritage.

The campaign will be on TV nationally throughout April, May and June, beginning on April 11. Zoë Kavanagh, Chief Executive of the National Dairy Council, believes that – because of the increasingly public debate around dairy’s sustainability – now is the time to get people on board with the farmers, to show their support and solidarity:

“Dairy farming has been going on in Ireland for over 4,000 years and it’s a part of our national identity. Our grass-fed family-farming system is ideally suited to the Irish climate and such is its place in Irish society that our research shows around one in four people know a dairy farmer personally [Ref2]

“However, there is a disconnect between those who buy and consume Irish dairy – 75% of people believe buying Irish is important [Ref3] – and what our farmers are doing to address the issue of sustainability, particularly when it comes to climate action, thereby guaranteeing their future and that of their families.

“Our ‘From the Ground Up’ media campaign aims to bridge that gap, encouraging pride, greater understanding and a level of responsibility for our national dairy industry. If we don’t support Irish dairy – have a sense of ownership and involvement – then the industry’s future, and the future of our 18,000 family dairy farms and the 60,000 jobs that Irish dairy supports is uncertain.”

Eamon Sheehan – NDC Farmer Ambassador and campaign spokesperson – added:

“Very often it feels as if farming – and dairy farming in particular – is completely misunderstood and under-valued. We are the driving force behind quality products that people want to purchase and are a key part of a healthy, modern lifestyle – the demand for which just keeps increasing – and yet, as an industry, what we’re doing in the area of sustainability simply isn’t recognised.

“The NDC’s ‘From the Ground Up’ campaign – which I was glad to take part in – tells the true farmer’s story, the story of Ireland’s dairy food producers. I hope that when people see it, they’ll spare a bit of time to think about what it says, and why it’s so important – not just to us as farmers, but to the country as a whole.”

Eamon Sheehan, NDC Farmer Ambassador, Kilkenny


Shane Fitzgerald, NDC Farmer Ambassador, Waterford

You can view the campaign ads on our YouTube channel as follows:

Louise Crowley (30 sec)

Shane Fitzgerald and Eamon Sheehan (20 sec)

Louise Crowley (20 sec)


For further information, or to arrange interviews with NDC Farmer Ambassadors –Louise Crowley (Limerick), Shane Fitzgerald (Waterford) and Eamon Sheehan (Kilkenny) – contact:

Cathy Curran | Communications Manager, National Dairy Council | | +353 1 290 2518 or +353 86 8777 664

Jeremy Probert | 4TC | | +353 89 700 0792



1: Almost eight out of 10 Irish consumers believe Irish dairy is the best in the world, NDC research, August 2020

2: NDC research, June 2021

3: NDC research August 2021



For futher information contact:
Cathy Currran, Communications Manager, National Dairy Council
+353 1 290 2518 |