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Angela Brickley

Angela farms with her husband in Coolrain, Co Laois. Originally a beef farmer, she made the switch to dairy and has now changed her business model again, concentrating on breeding dairy cows with beef characteristics, focusing on the Austrian Fleckveih breed.
She also Ireland’s sole supplier of Austrian Fleckveih bull semen for the purposes of artificial insemination. Angela is a fierce advocate of managed breeding programmes, particularly those which add beef traits to male dairy calves, increasing their value to the farmer and making for a more efficient cattle farming system.

More Farmer Ambassadors

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Louise is a real advocate for farmers and farming – she’s heavily involved in the more political side of farming and is a strong champion for women in farming, for young farmers and for social media as the best way to connect. She loves cutting silage and she hates fencing.
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Shane’s a young farmer who believes, rightly, that young people are going to be most affected by the sustainability decisions that are made today. Therefore, he says, young farmers should have a say in policy, as it affects dairying, and have some influence in how the industry goes about achieving its goals.