Brendan Walsh

Brendan Walsh is the eighth generation of farmers to tend to his family’s 102-hectare farm. Like many other farming families, Brendan and his two sisters began helping out on the farm from an early age, combining a curiosity about nature with practical and helpful jobs around the farm. Having developed an interest in farming and agriculture, Brendan pursued this passion by studying Dairy Business at UCD. Upon completing his degree, he spent several years working in the sector, before returning home to take a bigger role on the farm in 2021.
The farm in Ballylooby, Co. Tipperary is home to 160 dairy cows, as well as a number of replacement calves and some beef calves. “It’s all based around milking, really”, Brendan says. “Milking is kind of your start and your finish.”

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As Nicole herself says, she’s a bit of a part-time farmer on her grandparents’ farm in Co Cork – but that’s because she’s working on her PhD during the week at college in Waterford. Nicole’s area of study is reducing antibiotic usage in the dairy herd by investigating alternatives, which will have the benefit of preserving high-strength antibiotics for human use, rather than veterinary use. Another angle on dairy sustainability.
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Shane’s a young farmer who believes, rightly, that young people are going to be most affected by the sustainability decisions that are made today. Therefore, he says, young farmers should have a say in policy, as it affects dairying, and have some influence in how the industry goes about achieving its goals.