Niall Moore

Niall Moore farms with his wife (a teacher) and their four children in Annestown, Co Waterford, caring for 130 cows. Niall has invested in a robotic milking system that allows the cow to choose when she wants to be milked, constantly monitors her health and allows Niall strict control over his grazing system – all of which delivers improved milk yield and quality as well as a more contented cow.
He is a keen advocate for clover (red and white) and species such as chicory and plaintain in the sward – reducing his usage of chemical nitrogen fertiliser and its associated emissions.

More Farmer Ambassadors

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Nicholas tells us that we should be proud of Irish dairy and about the country’s already highly sustainable production system, whether we eat it or not, and he marvels at why we’d cut the Irish herd only to increase global emissions by producing elsewhere.
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Shane’s a young farmer who believes, rightly, that young people are going to be most affected by the sustainability decisions that are made today. Therefore, he says, young farmers should have a say in policy, as it affects dairying, and have some influence in how the industry goes about achieving its goals.