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Simple chocolate cake with fudge icing

A fabulous chocolate cake. This delicious cake can be made in a 20cm (8 in) foil container, allowed to cool in the container, and then iced. This makes it perfect to take on a picnic or to sell at a cake sale.

Pancake perfection!

Pancakes are tasty treats that can be served up as part of a lazy weekend breakfast, a speedy snack or as a delicious dessert. Of course, we most commonly consume pancakes on Pancake Tuesday! Milk is one of the main ingredients in pancake batter and other dairy foods can be a welcome accompaniment for both […]

Hollandaise & Béarnaise

Recipe by Brian McDermott Both hollandaise and Béarnaise sauce use butter, emulsified with egg yolks, to make a luxurious sauce. Hollandaise is the simpler flavoured of the two, seasoned with lemon juice, whilst béarnaise uses shallots and herbs, and is acidulated with vinegar. ‘It is probably the most famous of all sauces, and is often […]

Bread Sauce

Bread sauce takes us right back, to the origin of food writing and the Latin recipe book attributed to Apicius. When Apicius fashioned a white sauce to be served with boiled foods, he added to his ingredients ‘a few pieces of bread cut up to thicken’. Bread sauce has been on the menu ever since, […]

Overnight Oats

There are many ways of making this dish – you can soak the oats in milk, and add the apples later, or leave out the apples altogether, and use any fruit, including sliced nectarines, poached pears, banana or mango. We soak the apple and dried fruits overnight in the apple juice, so they don’t colour, […]