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Garry Ringrose gives the Grass Advantage with In-store Promotion at Tesco Ireland

Garry Ringrose and NDC Guarantee Mark


National Dairy Council (NDC) is delighted to be working with one of Ireland’s biggest rugby stars, Garry Ringrose. Garry will be featuring on in-store promotional displays at 108 Tesco stores across Ireland throughout September and October. The campaign will promote NDC’s Guarantee mark which ensures that the milk you are purchasing was farmed and processed, locally, on family-run dairy farms.


At a time where Irish athletes are reaching new heights on the global stage, we want to explore the important contribution of Ireland’s world-class dairy produce in supporting sport stars to make an impact.


Garry Said,

“I am proud to be working with the NDC as an ambassador and to promote the significant benefits of Milk – “Nature’s sports drink”. Just as I commit myself to rugby, Irish dairy farmers pour their heart into their land. It’s the same commitment and dedication, and this is what makes our dairy produce truly exceptional.”


“Eating well is essential and adapting your nutritional intake to your sport is a necessity. In-season or out of season, as well as pre-, during and post-performance, all influence our nutritional decisions.


There are lots of parallels that can be drawn between athletes and farmers. It starts with the right ingredients, hard work, effort, and passion 365 days a year to deliver a world class food product. In the same way that producing world class dairy mirrors the processes of elite athletes. It begins from the ground up, from good foundations. Like our athletes, our farmers stay grounded while performing on the world stage of top food production.


John Brennan, Fresh Category Director, Tesco Ireland said:

“Tesco Ireland has been a long-standing partner of the National Dairy Council for several years now. We’re once again proud to partner with NDC, whose commitment to quality produce and promotion of dairy products in creative ways supports in attracting new customers to the categories. We’re looking forward to seeing this campaign in stores in the coming weeks.”


Garry will be working with NDC on a number of activities over the next year, including a content series which was recently filmed with Irish dairy farmer John Wynne on his farm in Co. Wicklow. The short film shows Garry and John interacting and giving him an insight into life on a farm whilst Garry practices a few rugby kicks in his field. The short video will be featured on NDC’s social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok over the coming weeks.


For further information, please contact Cathy Curran | Communications Manager, National Dairy Council | | 01 290 2518 or 086 8777 664.



Editors Notes

NDC refreshed its brand, including the NDC Guarantee logo, ‘the rosette’, in early 2021.

Milk with the NDC Guarantee mark signifies local, sustainable, grass-fed dairy. By choosing milk with the NDC guarantee, you can be sure that the milk you are purchasing was farmed and processed, locally, on family-run dairy farms.

The NDC has recently launched The Grass Roots Movement which brings together the strength of Ireland’s dairy industry creating a united front on environmental sustainability to ensure a successful future for Irish dairy. The Grass Roots Movement is the over-arching sub-brand for the NDC to talk about sustainability under the #FromTheGroundUp masterbrand platform. Watch the TV ad Here.