Children: Body Weight

Children: Body Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is a balancing act. Food and drinks provide energy (calories) and this energy is used by the body – for example, to carry out basic functions and during physical activity. However, if energy intake is greater than energy used – over time, this will result in weight gain.

Useful tips

  • Be mindful of portion sizes! Serve portion sizes relative to your child’s age and size – not adult-sized portions.
  • Monitor and limit intake of ‘treats’. However, try not to ban these foods completely as this may make them more appealing.
  • Encourage your child to be active and limit ‘screen time’.
  • Be enthusiastic about healthy choices. Offer praise when healthier decisions are made by your child.
  • Ensure all adults who care for your child are aligned regarding your child’s diet and activity.

A positive body image

Children need to be aware that there is more to their body than how it looks.

It is important that children don’t link diet and lifestyle with body weight only but appreciate that healthy choices are necessary for overall health, wellbeing and feeling good.

Remember, behaviour and comments from influential adults in a child’s life (e.g. parents, carers, teachers) are hugely important. Be positive and lead by example.

Children are often rewarded for good behaviour. But, remember, these rewards don’t have to be food or drinks. Try a trip to the park, a new football, a colouring book or a fun family day out.