Chefs: Annie Bell

Prawn and tamarind curry with chunky cucumber raita

Tamarind sharpens this simple and lively tomato sauce, laced with ginger, garlic and mint. Of all the raitas, cucumber does it best; you want something really cooling to dampen the fire of all those chillies and spice. This chunky take on it serves as a salad instead of a sauce. I’d ladle it over some […]

Mexican smoky chicken and pepper stew

Dried ancho chilli provides a smoky savoury hit in this juicy chicken stew, with lots of paprika and red peppers that work in unison. The flavours are clean and sharp; soured cream is a natural consort, softening the juices without being remotely rich.   SOURCE OF VITS C, B3 Energy 555 Kcal | Fat 39.6g […]

Sweet potato and cumin Soup with feta yogurt

Sweet potatoes in a soup are promise of a thick, comforting and mealy bowlful. In fact, roasting aside, I think this has to be one of the best ways of eating them, pleasingly contrasted with some sharp feta. And it’s the orange-fleshed potatoes you want here rather than the cream-coloured ones.   HIGH IN VIT […]

Very tomatoey Mac ’N’ Cheese

Most of us would sell our souls for a bowl of mac ’n’ cheese, happily disregarding good intentions. So I hope that this alternative version in which a tomato sauce replaces the usual rich white one will win friends. You still get generous pockets of gooey cheese, and a lovely crispy top, but it is […]

Spanish omelette with soured cream and chives

An easy take on a Spanish omelette with crispy sheathes of ham on top, delicious eaten hot with the soured cream and chive sauce, or warm with the sauce and a pile of green leaves, such as lightly dressed peashoots and mint, on top.   SOURCE OF VITS B6, B12 Energy 416 Kcal | Fat […]

Abondance and almond pepper rarebits

Marcona almonds take the place of bread in this rarebit mix, and Abondance stands in for cheddar. I fell for this mountain cheese from the French Haute-Savoie years ago, so it is great to see it travelling further afield and widely available in many supermarkets. Made from unpasteurised cow’s milk, it has the same pleasingly […]

Roast squash, chilli and coriander soup

This roast vegetable soup that is full of South American pizzazz would be nowhere without its finishing flourish of soured cream. As punchy as it is simple, there is no careful stirring or frying, instead the caramelisation takes place in the oven and the flavours concentrate in the process.   HIGH IN VIT A | […]

Metro chilli quesadillas

Quesadillas take over where toasted sarnies leave off, embracing all the punchy Tex-Mex flavours that a couple of slices of white will never be able to. After some canvassing of nearest and dearest about what exactly should go into the quesadilla of their dreams, this is the combo that came up. Dipping the gooey little […]

Chocolate, pear and chilli cake

Cakes are inclined to fall into an all-or-nothing scenario when it comes to dairy, either insanely rich and buttery or fiercely right on and made with grated vegetables and oil. So I wanted a truce between the warring factions, and here the sponge takes its cue from a carrot-style cake, with just a little buttery […]